Volvo Is Making It Easier For International Students to Get Cars in America

The Swedish automaker is setting up a new system so international college students can acquire new cars without also picking up massive headaches.

byAaron Brown| UPDATED Mar 17, 2017 8:25 AM
Volvo Is Making It Easier For International Students to Get Cars in America

If you're a car-loving foreigner who's is currently attending or is looking to start college in America, Volvo has a new program specially designed to get you inside of one of the automaker's cars without going through the U.S. government's bureaucratic hassles. 

A new initiative from Volvo called the International Student Program, announced in a press release Thursday, is allowing international college students who are in the United States on student visas to get their own new cars. To get a car through the program, the students have to have a foreign driver's license and an international driving permit, a valid student visa, proof of college enrollment, and a current passport. 

Volvo said on its website for the program that students must pay a single payment for the car that they choose, though it's not clear how much that payment might be, and that there are different models available for the service. All cars come with insurance coverage, 36,000 of maintenance, and 15,000 miles of driving, though the mileage allotment can be lessened or increased if needed.

Well this sure does sound a whole lot easier than attempting to get a temporary international license while studying in America. If the prices aren't too absurd, which they very well could be—and if Polestars are available for the taking—this could be a great thing for international car enthusiast college students who are spending time studying in America.