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Lexus and West Coast Customs Built a Sriracha-Themed IS300

Yo, dawg. Even Xzibit would cringe at this “hot ride.”

It appears some marketing executives at Lexus confused the Los Angeles Auto Show with SEMA. It would explain why the manufacturer partnered with West Coast Customs and Huy Fong Foods to produce a 2017 Lexus IS Sriracha Edition. Props for going out on a limb and getting weird with it, but spicing up a mid-range model IS 300 AWD isn’t really going to set anyone’s eyeballs on fire.

Little modifications like switching sport mode for Sriracha mode, having “caution: hot handling” on the steering wheel, roosters (like the Sriracha logo) on the seats, and green accents, right down to brake calipers. In addition to those modifications, West Coast Customs did a red paint job with “chili-like flecks” included.

Although there is no interior Sriracha dispensing unit, 43 Sriracha bottles are stuffed in the trunk. If that wasn’t enough, the steering wheel is filled with a liquid similar to the beloved sauce. Cut to a post-crash medical assessment: “Sir, stay calm. You’re bleeding everywhere. Wait, is that… Sriracha? Marty, bring some chips and gauc. Stat!”

Alas, the powertrain remains un-sauced. It’s still a 3.5-liter V6 with 255-horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque. Fortunately, this is just a one-off and the car will not see production. Will we see a Frank’s Red Hot Ford F-250 in the future? Or maybe a Kikkoman Soy Sauced Chevy Camaro? Let’s hope not. Here’s to keeping our cars and condiments very separate.