The G-Wagen Becomes a Camper and Buick Creates a Sub-Brand: The Evening Rush

Plus, GoTenna Mesh keeps you in contact with friends when you go off-the-grid.

byMax Goldberg|
The G-Wagen Becomes a Camper and Buick Creates a Sub-Brand: The Evening Rush

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Buick has announced it is addong of a sub-brand called "Avenir." The new sub-brand will add a dash of additional luxury to the carmaker's vehicles, much the way the "Denali" sub-brand signifies a more luxurious GMC. 

Vin Diesel has announced the date that the trailer for Fast 8 will be released. According to the star, the trailer will drop on December 11th—and you can bet it will be crammed with plenty of ridiculous lines.

The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen started off as a mil-spec SUV, but over time, it has become a symbol of extreme wealth. Now, a company named Ququq has made a box that can turn a G-Wagen into a camper in under two minutes. Equipped with a bed and kitchen, this little camper is perfect for exploring the countryside and rediscovering the G-Wagen's rugged roots.


Make sure you can contact your friends and loved ones even off-the-grid with the GoTenna. Utilizing UHF frequencies, the GoTenna Mesh circumvents cell towers, instead relaying signals between the small GoTenna devices. Each device syncs up with your cellphone via Bluetooth and allows users to make secure communications with others up to three miles away. 


Tailgating season is upon us, act accordingly. Dakine has come out with a sack-like unit that fits snugly into any five-gallon paint bucket and transforms it into a cooler, with eight koozies surrounding the perimeter. This ultimate beverage contraption costs just $55.


Just because summer is over doesn't mean the sun is calling it quits. If anything, you need sunglasses more once the snow starts bouncing light into your eyes. Steep & Cheap is having a sale on Costa Sunglasses at up to 50 percent off.

It’s flannel season again, and I couldn’t be more stoked. In order to commemorate this wondrous time, I give you the Ball & Buck Premium Hunter’s Shirt. Made of 100 percent flannel with a suede shoulder patch, this shirt is perfect for a day of hunting or a night of sitting around the fire.

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