Ferrari BR20: Gorgeous Custom Body, 12 Cylinders, Zero Rear Seats

Created for a single, special customer, the BR20 tips its flying buttressed cap to Ferraris from the ’50s and ’60s.

byChris Tsui|
Ferrari News photo

The GTC4Lusso was, by Ferrari standards at least, never my favorite-looking supercar. But, as it turns out, there isn't much that Maranello's Special Projects department (and undoubtedly a whole lot of money) can't fix. What you're looking at here is the Ferrari BR20, a special one-off car developed by Ferrari Special Projects specifically for a single "longstanding client who was deeply involved in every step of its creation."

It's based on the V12, four-wheel-drive GTC4Lusso but has been modified to sport a wholly custom and significantly more gorgeous body. It's said to reference Ferraris from the '50s and '60s, with the manufacturer's literature specifically namechecking the 410 Superamerica and 500 Superfast. Taking inspiration from previous Ferraris that aren't quite as old, the BR20's modernized take on the 599 GTB's flying buttresses motif lets the A-pillars flow uninterrupted all the way to the rear. 

Inside, the BR20's cabin is lined in a decadent and deep brown Heritage Testa di Moro leather held together by silver cross-stitching. While the base car's shooting brake shape allows it to seat four, the BR20 has had the rear chairs removed to allow for a more traditional, sloping roofline. Instead of seats back there, this car's rear quarters are decked out with an oak and carbon storage shelf. 

Carried over from the Lusso is the firm's 6.3-liter V12 which sends 681 horsepower to all four of the BR20's 20-inch, diamond-cut wheels and dumps waste out of four beautifully bespoke exhaust tips.

It's easy to rag on cars like this for being comically out of reach for even folks who consider themselves reasonably well-off but that rear three-quarter view is seriously one of the most wonderful automotive sights in recent memory. The haunches, the aggressive-yet-soft flowing lines, the rear diffuser, the carbon side skirt that kicks up into the side vent—it's all extremely pretty, I want one, and I want one now. 

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