Ford F-150 Lightning Pre-Order Survey Could Preview Pricing for Every Trim Level

The survey was sent out to those with reservations for the new electric pickup.

byLewin Day| UPDATED Jun 18, 2021 9:26 AM
Ford F-150 Lightning Pre-Order Survey Could Preview Pricing for Every Trim Level

Great excitement surrounds the Ford F-150 Lightning, with the company's first ever electric pickup set to make a major splash when it ships in Spring 2022. With over 100,000 reservations on the books, there's a huge customer base clamoring for the new truck. Ford recently surveyed those who have paid a reservation deposit, possibly previewing pricing of the new model in the process, via Reddit.

Update: 6/18/21 9:15 a.m. ET: A Ford spokesperson reached out to The Drive to explain that the pricing shown on the survey "is not representative of final pricing or feature availability." We've updated this post to reflect this new information.

Left to right: Trim levels Platinum, Lariat, and XLT. These pre-production photos suggest that body-colored door handles will only be available on Lariat trims and up., Ford

Assuming the images leaked are legitimate, the entry level truck will be the Pro trim, and could possibly have an MSRP of $39,974. It comes with the standard range battery, which Ford claims is good for around 230 miles, and can be optioned up to the extended range battery which should come in at about 300 miles on the EPA test cycle. Other standard features include dual motors and four-wheel-drive, along with a 12" touchscreen running Ford's SYNC 4 infotainment system. There's also the power-actuated front trunk and a 2.4kW onboard power system that drives a smattering of 120V and USB outlets on the vehicle. Inside trim is vinyl for the seats and floor.

Next up is the XLT, which according to the survey will allegedly start at $52,974—though once again, these figures are not official—with highlights including power seats, body-colored bumpers, power adjustable pedals, and interior carpet and cloth seats. This is likely to serve as the base model for those that don't just want an out an out work truck like the Pro trim. It also sports niceties like heated side mirrors with integrated spotlights, as well as running boards with lighting for easier entry and egress. Similarly to the 2022 Maverick, the XLT will be allegedly the lowest trim available with the company's classic Securicode keypad entry system. It can be further optioned up with the Premium package, adding adaptive cruise, as well as an upgraded 9.6kW onboard power system complete with 240V sockets. This allegedly bumps up the base price to $56,774, per the survey.

The 15" SYNC 4A touchscreen available in Lariat trims and above is in a portrait orientation, versus the 12" landscape SYNC 4 screen used in lower trims., Ford

From there, the Lariat is the next trim level up reportedly starting at $67,474, boasting Ford's SYNC 4A infotainment system with a larger 15" screen. There's also wireless phone charging, heated and vented leather seats, a heated steering wheel, and power folding mirrors. It also gains a power rear sliding window. Adding the Premium package brings the price up to an alleged $79,474 before options, making the extended-range battery standard and boasting 563 horsepower compared to 426 horsepower available in the lower trim levels. Ford's BlueCruise handsfree highway driving system is included, too. This trim also features an 80-amp onboard power supply, capable of running a household in emergency conditions; something that's become popular with Ford's customers recently. Added niceties include the power-adjustable steering column, heated rear seats and a moonroof.

The top tier is the Platinum trim, again coming standard with the extended range battery and with pricing starting at a reported $89,874, according to the survey. In this trim, 22-inch wheels are standard, along with plenty of visual touches like a special grill and skid plates unique to this trim level. The interior gets upgraded to the premium "Nirvana leather seating with unique multi-contour with active motion seats," if that word salad means anything to you. The interior comes with nicer materials inside like aluminum and real wood trim in places, and there's also a Bang & Olufsen sound system for pumping up the bass. 

The survey also quotes the price of each vehicle "after tax credit" at prices $7,500 lower. This regards Federal tax credits for electric vehicles that may or may not be available depending on individual circumstances. If available, it makes for a hefty saving, which could come in handy as high demand means dealer discounts are unlikely to appear for some time. 

Enthusiasm is high for Ford's new electric pickup. We're eager to see how it compares to its ICE brethren, which have become so ingrained in American culture over the past five decades or so. Once the trucks start shipping next year, expect to see them whooshing all over these United States of America.

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