A Fully Loaded 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Will Set You Back $70,255

We dive into the configurator for Jeep’s new three-row SUV.

byLewin Day|
A Fully Loaded 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Will Set You Back $70,255

Jeep's new Grand Cherokee L breaks new ground for the esteemed nameplate. The new large SUV aims to make a splash on release, introducing three-row seating to the model for the first time. The configurator for the model is now live, allowing you to build the crossover in your image. If that image is simply the most expensive, highest-tier Grand Cherokee available, that's going to set you back a full $70,255.

Breaking it down, it begins with selecting the most expensive trim package—the Summit, named after the peaks of mountains, I suppose—and then selecting all of the most expensive option boxes along the way. In 4x4 spec, the base price begins at $61,280, including a $1,695 destination charge.


As for engines, the stock 3.6L V6 packs 290 horsepower and 257 pound-feet of torque. Those hungry for more can upgrade to the 5.7-liter V8 for $3,295, netting 357 horsepower and a hefty 390 pound-feet of torque. Both engines come fitted to an eight-speed automatic transmission, with an uprated unit specified for the V8 option. 

The cheapest two-tone white paint will cost you nothing extra, but the two-tone Silver Zynith, Velvet Red Pearl, or simply monochrome black will cost you $345 extra. Only one wheel and tire package is available at the moment, but the truly lavish can spec the Bright Side Steps for $975. Those with expensive alimony payments may elect for the cheaper black steps, however, coming in at a comparatively cheap $875 instead.  Those that want the second row to tip and slide for easier entry to the rearmost seats will have to stump up $695 for the privilege. There's also a $425 Finishing Package available that adds paint protection film as well as front and rear splash guards.

Looking at more advanced features, the Advanced ProTech Group IV may sound a little mystifying, but it includes a heads-up display, night vision, and an interior camera for watching the kids, all for $1,995. Luxury Tech Group V comes in at a further $245, featuring window shades for the second row and a wireless charging pad for smartphones. Meanwhile, for the audiophiles, the 19-speaker High-Performance Audio option will set you back a cool $1,495. Whether that's a fair price to hear Artpop, Lady Gaga's 2013 magnum opus, in true clarity as the artist intended, is a decision best left to the Jeep faithful. 

Fully loaded, the final price breaks down to the $58,995 base price plus $9,565 in options and the $1,695 destination charge for a total of $70,255—in line with expectations given the luxury goals Jeep has for the new offering. Of course, if you're just eager to get in at the ground floor, you can always spec a rear-wheel-drive Laredo trim and eschew the fancy bits and spend right around $40,000.

These are recommended retail prices, and before any rebates or special offers, but stand as a representative price range for the various tiers of the new SUV.  As always, dealer offers and market demand will have the final say in how much you'll pay to get your new Jeep Grand Cherokee L out the door. 

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