What Is the Best Factory Cloth Interior of All Time?

Leather is overrated.

byPeter Holderith|
Culture photo

Leather gets all the attention when it comes to car interiors. Many luxury automakers don't even offer cloth anymore, and it's seen as a lower-trim option that people try to avoid if they can. We think that's silly. There have been some great cloth interiors over the years. When it comes down to it, it's much easier to be creative with different upholstery than it is to be with different colors and textures of leather, whether it's seen as cheap or not.

In Japan, for instance, wool is often used instead of leather for seating in high-end cars, such as the Toyota Century. And in the same breath, the fake suede and nylon seats in my Chevy Cobalt SS are probably the single best part of the interior. There's really not much else to sink your teeth into on the inside of the Cobalt if we're being honest.


Likewise, as somebody who has shopped for used Saturn SC2s and been on several chartered buses, I know what the 90s are capable of. Bright colors, interesting patterns—maybe it was dated ten years ago, but now it's just cool. Our News Editor Caleb has a Saturn—in addition to some Big Trucks—maybe he can weigh in here. 

So, in your humble opinion, show us what you think is the best factory cloth interior of all time. Not some fuzzy steering wheel-type strange aftermarket stuff; trust us when we say we've seen enough of that. We want the best that manufacturers have approved.

See you in the comments!