Mansory—That Mansory—Has Tuned a Lawn Mower, and It’s Just as Wacky As You’d Expect

Just in case you’re tired of waiting for the inevitable Supreme x John Deere collab, Mansory just dropped an Air Jordan-inspired lawn mower.

byStef Schrader|
Mansory—That Mansory—Has Tuned a Lawn Mower, and It’s Just as Wacky As You’d Expect

As a person with no sense of style whatsoever, I find the entire hypebeast-riddled world of streetwear to be absolutely fascinating. People will pay hundreds of dollars for weird branded stuff like bricks. Why did I not get in on this grift? Clearly, I missed the bus on funding a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car by selling logo-adorned spatulas and doorstops. 

In case your Supreme poppies—which are a real thing—have grown out of control, Mansory and German streetwear store BSTN have teamed up on a fashionable answer: an Air Jordan-inspired riding lawn mower called the BSTN GT XI


BSTN Premium Sportswear will sell the Air Jordan XI Jubilee Sneakers to celebrate the iconic sneaker's 25th anniversary, and the lawn mower is an even more limited release that will go alongside it. 

This one-of-one mower features a carbon-fiber racing-style bucket seat upholstered in leather, a leather-wrapped carbon-fiber steering wheel, BSTN-emblazoned white wall tires and because it's a Mansory collab, as much carbon fiber as you can throw at it. There's even a spoiler, just in case the hood scoop wasn't aggressive enough. 

Silver—the color of 25th anniversaries—plays a prominent role in the BSTN GT XI's Jumpman, Mansory and BSTN logo accents, which in turn match the Jordan branding on the shoes themselves.

The collaboration makes more sense than your garden-variety branded duct tape. Designer Tinker Hatfield, who also designed the very first Air Jordan sneaker, was inspired by a riding mower when he first developed the Air Jordan XI, and the rest is history


This isn't the first non-car Mansory has worked on, as they've also done golf carts before that are somehow surprisingly sedate compared to what shows up in traffic in The Villages. This sleek one-of-one lawn mower clearly isn't for octogenarians, though. It's for tricking your kid into mowing the lawn. 

No price was announced for the Mansory BSTN GT XI mower, nor were any performance specifications listed. If you have to ask about either, you didn't get there early enough to buy it. 

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