Rolls-Royce Forgot the Other Three Legs on Its New $8,700 ‘Chair’

That’s a lot of cash for what’s essentially a stick made of carbon fiber and aluminum, but hey. Different strokes.

byMáté Petrány|
Rolls Royce News photo

The latest product from the Goodwood Rolls-Royce factory is the Pursuit Seat, a lightweight combination of embossed leather, carbon fiber and polished aluminum. The chair also features a concealed torch that bears the double-R, just like the umbrellas hidden in the cars' doors. In exchange for this highly practical camping accessory Rolls-Royce describes as "the contemporary reimagining of the traditional portable seat," the ultra-luxury brand will only charge the local taxed equivalent of £6,581, a figure also known as $8,686 in America.

The launch of the sub-$9,000 Rolls-Royce chair is great news not only for those who can't afford a Ghost, a Dawn, a Phantom or a Cullinan, but also for those few people out there who can in fact find enough loose change around the house for the Rolls-Royce SUV, yet won't spend another $20,000 on the Cullinan Viewing Suite option, the most expensive tailgate accessory in the colorful history of the automobile.

Rolls-Royce says the Pursuit Seat is "a perfect perch for flying a drone, painting a landscape or simply pausing to take in the view." We can't deny that, yet what's for sure is that the device's main support is made from carbon fiber and polished aluminum, with a height-adjustable seat finished in either color matching or contrasting leather. There's even a discrete pocket on the outer side for tickets and other papers you may need on location, while the hinge of the seat hides a slim aluminum torch your butler would refer to as an aluminium torch.

Stick the flared aluminum ferrule on hard surfaces, or use the retractable spike on grass, and the portable Rolls-Royce chair will provide you with a majestic seating position, and an all-round view of the land you probably also happen to own. Pair it with your Cullinan, and the Pursuit Seat will even fit in the SUV's rear Recreation Module.

Mind you, if paired with a Phantom, Ghost or Dawn you may need to resort to a classy leather case simply thrown into the trunk.

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