Mounting a GoPro Inside a Car Tire Shows a Perspective You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Who even knew you could fit a camera in there?

School teachers have always said, “There are no stupid questions.” If nothing else, the internet is built on that philosophy. No matter how ridiculous the question, the web will provide an answer. Inquiries like, what goes on in the space between a car’s rim and tire? Sure, there’s air, but what does it look like when the rubber meets the road? YouTube channel Warped Perception set out to answer that question by sticking a GoPro camera with a light inside the tire of a Mercedes-Benz to show a perspective we would otherwise never see or even consider.

Warped Perception is a YouTube channel that looks at what we don’t normally see through the magic of 4K slow motion and general curiosity. So far, this might be the most intriguing idea yet, and it was sent in by a viewer. Cheers to whoever came up with this.

The video starts with attaching the GoPro on the wheel and then seeing the low-profile tire being fit over it—who knew that was even possible? Once on the street, the camera displays a surreal view of a tire in motion as it flexes with the pavement, and you can hear the roar of 35 psi holding itself to the wheel. We see the rubber overhead dancing with a pulse, moving and grooving as it meets the road. There’s also what looks to be small pieces of debris or rock rolling around inside the tire.

It’s odd to see the tire flex, especially since it’s properly inflated. Who knows what it would look like on the interstate, making hundreds of revolutions in no-time flat.

One idea like this usually sparks another. What if you attach this set-up on a 35-inch tire and go off-roading? What would a slow-motion camera capture while a car does a burnout from inside the wheel? Does anyone know where I can buy some cheap Go-Pros?

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h/t: u/SkyPL on Reddit!