Watch This Apollo Intensa Emozione Stalk the Streets of Monaco

This is likely the only place you'll find Apollo's ultra-rare hypercar in the wild.

After ditching the awkward “Gumpert” name, German automaker Apollo Automobil rocked the hypercar world with the new Intensa Emozione hypercar last October. Considering that Apollo has already sold all 10 IEs in existence, witnessing one on the road is a very rare treat. They are out there though, as a video posted by YouTube channel Supercars in Austria captured one crawling around Monaco.

The car’s batmobile-esque looks help it achieve more than its entire weight in downforce, making it excellent on the track. Its Italian name translates to “intense emotion,” which is what you’re likely to experience when you see one in person for the first time. According to the description in the video, this example is called the Purple Dragon, featuring a purple carbon fiber body and gold wheels. 

The video shows what it takes to make your car stand out in the supercar capital of the world, as not even a McLaren P1 can match the attention this car gets on the street. Even if you didn’t know how rare the IE was, the bevy of sharp angles, gullwing doors, tri-point exhaust, ridiculous rear wing, and swarm of photographers pursuing it give away how special this car is. Unfortunately the Apollo here never goes above 25 mph so we don’t get to hear that 780 horsepower, 6.2-liter V12 sing, but we’ll settle for the raspy buzz the car makes at idle. 

Seeing one in person may seem like a pipe dream to those of us who don’t have the luxury of taking a day trip to the French Riviera, but considering Apollo does sell the car in the United States, there’s a slight chance one may show up to your next local Cars and Coffee meet.