If You Have To Wear A Mask, It May As Well Be The Drive x Blipshift Mask

Feel confident on those socially-distant drives.

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Last year we partnered with the mad scientists at Blipshift to launch a t-shirt that honors Porsche’s iconic Pasha interior fabric. This year is a very different one, however, and you may be more concerned with what’s covering your face than what t-shirt you have on. Here’s a chance to protect yourself, and other people, in proper enthusiast style.

Our latest collab with Blipshift brings back the Pasha print, now on some new face masks. The pattern signifies “freedom of design, individuality, and confidence,” and we could all use a little more fun in our lives right now as well. It’s based on a waving checkered-flag as well, so that’s a nice reminder to keep going and not give up. It’s only $18 as well. 

Next time you go out on your socially-distant drive, there’s no reason you shouldn’t feel confident and inspired. Click here to shop our new mask now!

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, The ultimate driving mask: Now available ($18), The Drive x Blipshift

Oh, and if you’re like us, and upset about missing Radwood this year, we’ve got something for you too. To match your mask, we created the ultimate Porsche 930 shirt. Now you can complete your look and hit those roads, one pixel at a time. 

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, The perfect 80’s tee: Now Available ($22) , The Drive x Blipshift

These products are available for a limited time only, then they’re gone forever! Get yours while you can:

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