Jeep Driver Crashes Into Boulder, Ricochets Into Unlucky Person’s Car and House

A boulder and a Chevy Spark worked together to become the perfect launch ramp.

byChris Tsui|
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A couple of days before a Porsche found itself flying into the second story of a New Jersey building, a Jeep Grand Cherokee was found by police lodged inside of a Washington home's garage and sitting on top of another car.

According to police of the city of Walla Walla, officers responded to reports of "a loud crash and a male running" from the east-end residential intersection of Fern Avenue and East Tietan Street on Friday evening. When officers arrived at the scene, they discovered a white Grand Cherokee WJ crashed into a garage about one-and-a-half stories off the ground, supported by what looks a white Chevy Spark.

Walla Walla Police Department/Facebook

After "some investigation" which presumably involved looking up the Jeep's plates, its male driver was identified, contacted by authorities, and is now reportedly seeking medical attention. 

As for how the Grand Cherokee propelled itself into the dwelling, police say the SUV was going east on Tietan "at a high rate of speed" before blowing through the T-shaped intersection and hitting a large boulder—presumably the one that sits on 1877 Fern's driveway, as seen on Google Maps. The Jeep launched through the air and into the structure, "pushing both vehicles partially into the attached garage."

Google Maps

Last Sunday, a speeding Porsche in New Jersey flew a lot higher and smashed into the second story of an empty building, killing both of that vehicle's occupants. Other than the injured Jeep driver, no fatalities or other injuries were reported in this particular car-meets-building crash.

Whether or not the Grand Cherokee driver will face charges is currently unclear.

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