Modified 1987 Freightliner Unimog on Monstrous 43-Inch Tires Is Excessive in the Best Way

In true big-rig style, this Unimog has a torquey diesel under the hood that sends power to a 12-speed manual transmission.


This 1987 Freightliner Unimog up for auction on Bring a Trailer is a truck that can scratch even the biggest off-road itch. The vehicles are known all over the world for their unstoppable abilities and imposing size, both of which have made them popular choices for military and recreational use. In this case, the Unimog here has even more upgrades to make it one of the most capable big-rigs out there.


Bring a Trailer

The “regular” trucks are hardcore by any standard, but this one is even further over the top after being modified by Combat Iron Conversions in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The shop added a custom pickup bed, roof rack, Warn winch, and 20-inch beadlock wheels with 43-inch Michelin tires, for starters. Then, the Unimog’s function-over-form interior has been dressed up with fancy upholstery and some modern electronics but retains the funky ergonomics and military style that makes the trucks so popular with enthusiasts. 

The rest is equally as mad. The modified truck bed carries two enormous spare tires, and the drab olive paint job gives the whole package a strong military vibe. You'd be excused for disappearing into the woods after buying the Unimog, only to show up weeks later with a beard and a few new scars.


Bring a Trailer

This truck is powered by a 5.7-liter Mercedes diesel that sends power to all four wheels through a 12-speed manual transmission. That may sound like a ton of gears to churn through on a regular basis, but they won’t all be used in every situation. The transmission has four high gears, four low gears, and four reverse gears for both on- and off-road use


Bring a Trailer

The odometer shows just 5,000 miles, but the seller says that actual mileage is unknown. However far it has actually traveled, the truck appears to be in great shape, so the buyer should be able to enjoy the Unimog’s tractor-like top speed for years to come. 

The top bid is $16,500 at the time of press, but there’s plenty of time for that price to shoot skyward as the auction nears its end.