Car Thief Crashes Through Showroom Doors With Ford Mustang Bullitt in Hollywood-Style Heist

It's unclear if the American pony car was Gone in 60 Seconds.

Police in Evansville, Indiana are looking for a suspect who they say stole a Ford Mustang

Bullitt right off of the showroom floor.

Early Wednesday morning, NBC 14 reports the cleaning staff at Town and Country Ford arrived and became aware that something was awry when they noticed glass strewn across the floor and the two large doors used to move cars in and out of the showroom had been broken.

As it turns out, the thief broke open a small glass door in order to make his or her way onto the showroom floor. They obtained the keys to the green Bullitt Mustang and drove the car straight through the closed glass doors.

This probably isn’t how the thief left the dealership, but we imagine that the car still went on the ride of its life., The Drive

But fear not—police recovered the Mustang several hours later at a nearby apartment complex. Unfortunately, authorities still have no idea who the driver of the car was. The dealership says that although they had security cameras set up around the lot, they didn’t capture a single photo of the thief.

“Our DVR was not working and it’s been repaired now, but we don’t have video,” said Larry Oldham, general manager of Town and Country Ford. “They are checking some other local businesses videos to see if they got anything.”

Town and Country Ford is now working to repair the damages to the dealership in order to resume normal business. Since the car was recovered, it will be resold. The dealership confirmed to local news that it will be listing the Bullitt back for sale, albeit at a reduced price likely due to a mar on the vehicle’s title due to theft recovery. The dealer will also look into improving their on-premise security systems to deter future theft and crime from taking place on its lot.