New Ram Super Bowl Ad Is so Self-Aware It’s Hilarious

Things get very meta in this ad for the new 2019 Ram HD.

In a new Ram commercial that’s extremely aware of itself, we see a couple of modern-day cowboys talk about Super Bowl ads in a Super Bowl ad. They even go so far as to discuss Super Bowl ads being posted online before the game airs…which is exactly what this one did. Anyways, by the end, the ad turns its focus to the all-new 2019 Ram heavy-duty trucks. Take a look.

It starts with a discussion of “the big game on Sunday,” which obviously is a reference to Super Bowl LIII in which the New England Patriots will face off against the Los Angeles Rams at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Feb. 3, 2019.

These ranchers go on to talk about some of the more memorable Super Bowl ads in recent history referencing the E-Trade baby, the Budweiser Clydesdales, and others. Then they start talking about ads for which they can’t even remember what they were for.

Cue the all-new 2019 Ram HD, specifically, a Ram 3500 Limited hauling a huge trailer. “Why don’t they just show you what they’re selling?” asks the owner to his friend as he removes his cowboy hat and gets in his truck. Get it? Because Ram then showed us what they’re selling?

The new Ram HD trucks will be available this spring for all of your towing and hauling needs thanks to a handy 1,000 pound-feet of torque and best-in-class work capabilities.