Hyundai Super Bowl Ad Says Car Shopping Is Worse Than a Vegan Dinner Party

Jason Bateman plays a sadistic bellhop in this quirky Super Bowl ad for Hyundai Shopper Assurance.

You might recognize Jason Bateman from his countless TV and movie roles including his part as Michael Bluth in Arrested Development, but in this new ad for Hyundai that will air during Super Bowl LIII, we see Bateman playing a sadistic elevator operator who cheerfully delivers people to painful experiences. As an exception to the bad times, the lift makes a stop at a Hyundai showroom where you get the pleasure of shopping with Hyundai Shopper Assurance.

The featured couple gets in the elevator and on the way to their car shopping experience, but while doing so, they pass globally hated scenes and scenarios. A few of the floors include a root canal, jury duty, and our personal favorite, a vegan dinner party where “beet loaf,” something that we hope isn’t a real thing, is being served. When the car shoppers finally get to their floor, they see a typical car lot with lots of banners, loud music, and inflatable tube men.

Then our car shoppers tell Bateman that they’re actually shopping for a Hyundai with the Hyundai Shopper Assurance program that’s been around with participating dealers since early 2018. Shopper Assurance uses four main elements: transparent pricing meaning it shows the actual price of the car after incentives and dealer discounts; a flexible test drive which allows for Hyundais to be delivered to the location of your choosing for a test drive; a streamlined purchase which is basically just doing a lot of the paperwork ahead of time so you can spend less time at the dealership; and a three-day, worry-free exchange which is pretty self-explanatory.

Even if you didn’t need the humor to comprehend the Shopper Assurance program, this ad fits in with the rest of the laughable lot that’s set to air this Sunday.