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Does Amber Heard Love Anything as Much as Her Mustang?

Pineapple Express star gets her beloved Mustang pimped.

Lover of Johnny Depp and star of many a movie, Amber Heard has not had the best of luck with her late-Sixties Mustang.

It’s been stolen—twice—and Amber is understandably distraught when a bunch of supposed LAPD officers pull her and Depp over and make a whole bunch of noise about confiscating her car, all the while acting like star-struck idiots:

Just to give it an extra touch of realism, Amber’s dad was also in on the prank. After the reveal, Amber explains her relationship to the ‘Stang, describing it as a “kind of a drivable piece of junk.”

A drivable piece of junk can be a very endearing thing, though it’s also nice when your car works well and looks good. The guys at Overhaulin’ gave Amber just that, and a bit more. The Chip Foose treatment works damn well in this application, taking Amber’s haggard pony car from heap to hero. Enjoy the ‘Stang, Amber!