You Can Buy Whatever This Butterfly-Doored Limo Bus Thing Is Right Now

Yeah, we’re pretty sure that’s a stripper pole.

byJames Gilboy|
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An exceptionally strange luxury bus from the late 1990s called the Mauck MSV 1120S has just surfaced for sale at auction.

Looking not entirely unlike an enlarged Toyota LiteAce, this MSV 1120S is believed to be one of about 100 built by defunct custom vehicle manufacturer Mauck Special Vehicles of Worthington, Ohio. It has a custom-built carbon steel spaceframe, and utilizes powertrain and body components from at least five different automakers.

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The headlights come from a Ford Aeromax, driving lights from a Dodge Viper, and taillights from a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Its windshield is wiped by a unit from a Toyota Previa and is one of 21 panes of glass on the vehicle, 13 of which are laminated safety glass.

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Underneath is a General Motors-sourced 454 cubic-inch (7.4-liter) V8 bolted to a 4L80E automatic transmission, which sends power to the rear wheels through a stout Ford nine-inch differential. This particular example has approximately 49,000 miles on it and recently received significant service to its powertrain.

As with any limo, however, the focus of this vehicle isn't what the body is made from, or what's under the hood—it's what's in the back seat.

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In said rear compartment are two sets of seats, one in a U configuration in the back, the other a pair of benches facing each other. Passengers can be comforted by climate control unique to the compartment and its plush seating, and entertained by the Vizio HDTV, sound system, and lighting system, complete with lasers and strobing.

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One other thing that passengers may find distracting is the floor-to-ceiling stripper pole mounted dead center in the compartment, likely the reason for the light show and sound system in the first place. The strangest part is what the MSV's current owner has to say about the vehicle in the comments on the vehicle's Bring A Trailer auction page.

"We used it for few trips with family and friends and we loved it, especially the kids," stated the seller. They suspect the party bus conversion to be relatively recent based on the condition of the seats, which aren't badly worn and lack many suspicious stains.

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If this oddity is your cup of tea, you have until 5:10 p.m. EST on Friday to beat the leading bid, currently at $2,904. Call that pole in the back a jungle gym and your family may too approve of the MSV as a road trip whip.