Watch the Ford Ranger Raptor Have a Quarry Party in New Video

The new hype trailer for the Ranger Raptor may or may not include blowing up a quarry wall.

byJames Gilboy|


On Tuesday, during the German video game convention Gamescom, Ford announced that its sporty midsize Ranger Raptor pickup will be sold in Europe come 2019, coupling the announcement with a high-energy trailer for the new vehicle.

The trailer features the Ranger Raptor tackling a variety of rough terrains in a quarry, complete with jumps, drifts, and even survival of a wall-crumbling demolition. Showcased are its 11.1-inch ride hight, four-wheel drive, and twin-turbo 2.0-liter engine whipping up 210-horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. These combined with the truck's "Baja" driving mode (which derestricts traction control on loose surfaces) makes dusty rooster tails a piece of cake.

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"Forget everything you think you know about pick-ups," stated Leo Roeks, Ford Performance Director, Europe, in the company's press release. "Our new Ranger Raptor is a different breed—a thoroughbred desert racer and extreme lifestyle off-roader that can toil with the best of them in the harshest of working conditions."

Ford has so far confirmed that the Ranger Raptor will be sold in the Asia-Pacific market, including Australia, and the European market. Despite America's love for pickups, however, Ford has not yet confirmed the truck to be States-bound, though a company spokesperson hinted back in February that it may. Rough math suggests that the truck could cost somewhere in the upper $30,000s if sold here, and despite sightings of Ranger Raptor test mules in Michigan, Ford declined to discuss potential U.S. market pricing for the vehicle.

The Drive reached out to Ford for comment on whether announcement of plans to bring the truck stateside are imminent, and we will update when we receive a response.

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