More Koenigseggs Than You Can Count on Two Hands Show up to Cars ‘N Copters on the Coast

Rare Paganis and a dozen ‘Eggs lounge sunny-side up on the beach in Surf City USA.

byChris Constantine| PUBLISHED May 8, 2018 2:31 PM
More Koenigseggs Than You Can Count on Two Hands Show up to Cars ‘N Copters on the Coast

This past weekend, the Huntington Beach Police Department and Community Foundation organized a car meet to raise money for the police department's Air Support Unit, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. The first rendition of Cars N' Copters on the Coast took place right next to the boardwalk paralleling Surf City USA's famous beaches, featuring four helicopters and countless cars on display. Money raised from donations and special show registration go towards safety and training programs within the HBPD.

Since Huntington Beach is located just north of Newport Beach, one of Southern California's most affluent cities, the quality of cars that showed up was good enough to rival the hypercar displays at Pebble Beach. Here are some highlights from the meet.

The cream of the crop at Cars N' Copters was the group of Koenigseggs on display, and not just one or two them– the unofficial tally at the meet was 12 of Sweden's finest hypercars, as well as the man behind them, Christian von Koenigsegg. The list of participants includes: a CCXR Trevita once owned by Floyd Mayweather, production car speed record-holding Agera RS, Agera RS1, Agera RS "Draken," Agera RS "Phoenix," multiple CCXs, and the first Koenigsegg in the United States, the CCXRS.  The car that attracted the most attention however was the Regera hybrid hypercar, also the first of its kind in the U.S. A profile for almost all of these cars can be found on Koenigsegg's blog

Paganis were the next most popular cars at the event, and not just because the Beverly Hills Pagani dealership  brought out its Huayra Roadsters. A few other Huayras and the hardcore Huayra BC track variant made it out. But the pair of ultra-rare, brightly-colored Zonda Cinques and a one-of-three Zonda Tricolore were the most photographed of the bunch. 

Compared to the previous cars on this list, the three Bugattis and two McLaren P1s that made an appearance seemed ho-hum, which is not how one would normally describe these hyper exotics. Most people spent a minute or two eyeballing the Bugattis before noticing the brightly-colored Italian hypercars a row of cars away,  but the P1s received little more than a snap from a few smartphone cameras. 

Continuing with the theme of neglected hypercars, a black and blue Lamborghini Centenario also sat between one of the helicopters and a taxi-cab-painted Dodge Demon, ignored by many despite its rarity. It wasn't the only hot Lambo at the event though, as the new Urus SUV sat in the back corner of the show area next to a beautiful white LM002, courtesy of Lamborghini Newport Beach. 

An assortment of other oddball cars and exotics were featured at the event, including an Aston Martin Lagonda, Ferrari Enzo, Kia Stinger GT with a tiny rear spoiler added as a gag, Hennessey's new Ford GT, Callaway Corvette AeroWagen—which is even weirder in person—and a strange silver mid-engined car that I can only assume is a Porsche 914 or Ferrari bodykit of some sort. 

The most abundant car at the show however was the McLaren 720S, which every vendor seemed to have on display. For instance, high-end aftermarket parts supplier Vorsteiner unveiled its new Silverstone Edition Aero Kit for the 720S at the show.

If the Huntington Beach Police Department decides to host another meet next year, they're going to have a hard time topping their inaugural event. Below is a gallery of additional images of many of the great cars that showed up.