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Shelby 1000 Diesel Dually Truck Double Burnout With a Super Snake Mustang Is Maximum America

So. Much. Freedom.

There are few things more American than a gigantic Ford F-350 dually pickup truck. Except maybe if that truck was tuned by Shelby American, and it was doing a burnout, and it was towing a 750-horsepower Super Snake Mustang on a trailer, and that Super Snake was also doing a burnout. Yeah, that would do it.

In keeping with these truck-crazed times, Shelby American will be unveiling an upgraded version of the Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty pickups in the coming months. We don’t have all the details yet on what will be known as the Shelby 1000 Diesel, but we do know that it will put out 1,000 pound-feet of torque—and as demonstrated at a sneak peak earlier in Las Vegas earlier this month, it will be more than capable of smoking all four rear tires. God bless America, and trailer burnouts.

Of course, the 6.7-liter PowerStroke diesel that Ford offers straight from the factory already offers around 930 lb-ft of torque, so it’s likely we’ll see some horsepower gains as well when the full specs come out. In addition to the engine tune, the Shelby 1000 also gains a bunch of cosmetic goodies like heavy duty bumpers, a custom hood, Shelby badging, Borla exhaust tips, and a redone interior.

On top of the cost of the donor pickup, this explosion of Americana will cost $22,595 for regular trucks and $24,995 for duallies. Despite the awesome double burnout, the Shelby 1000 does seem like more of an appearance package than some of the treatments that Shelby American has given to Ford’s other performance products. A lot of scratch for the Shelby name, no doubt.

Then again, buyers probably won’t mind. Shelby executives have said that the concept came about in response to customer demands, so the company should have no problem selling out its planned production of 250 units per year.