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The Shelby F-150 Super Snake is the Ultimate Muscle Truck

In case you find the milquetoast Ford Raptor is just too boring.

Shelby American has given the thirteenth generation Ford F-150 pickup the Super Snake treatment and it’s an all-American badass. Not content with the stock Coyote 5.0 V8 under the hood, Shelby slapped on a blue supercharger and various other performance mods giving this truck 750 horsepower. That’s just under double what the 5.0 makes in its stock form and 300 more horsepower than the turbocharged Raptor.

Performance tweaks other than the supercharger include a new intake with a carbon fiber tube, new fuel injectors, Shelby tuned suspension, Borla exhaust, a billet throttle body, and a heat exchanger.

It wouldn’t be a Shelby product if it didn’t have a myriad of aesthetic modifications. There’s no danger of mistaking this truck for a regular F-150. The many upgrades include a functional dual-intake ram air hood, 22-inch chrome rims, a full body kit, a honeycomb racing grille insert, a painted tonneau cover, and of course, big stripes, snake emblems, and “Shelby” badging all over the place.

Step inside and you’ll feel like you’re in a snake pit. There’s a snake on the center console, Shelby floor mats, “Super Snake” embroidered headrests, and a Shelby CSM (Carroll Shelby Motors) dash plaque.

Shelby has done an excellent job with this truck. In classic Shelby fashion, it’s bold, brash, but somehow also tasteful in its hyperbole. It’s available in rear- or four-wheel drive in case you want to drive this thing off-road or in the snow. Check out the brochure if you have $96,680 burning a hole in your pocket.