Formula Drift Driver Dan Burkett Is Marathoning His Road to Long Beach

Taking his Off Season Refresh series to the limit, Formula Drift driver Dan Burkett is pushing daily content on his Toyota Supra Formula Drift drift car build.

Formula Drift Driver Dan Burkett Is Marathoning His Road to Long Beach

The Drive has featured some highlights of Formula Drift driver and owner of RAD Industries Dan Burkett's YouTube series Off Season Refresh in the past. We have shown you his content such as when Burkett was rebuilding his 3.4 BC Stroker 2JZ Twin-turbo inline-6 Toyota race engine for his Toyota Supra drift car or when he was going through his Supra's fuel cell setup. Recently, he put his content stream on overdrive with what he is calling Off Season Refresh: Supra Marathon.

During this Off Season Refresh: Supra Marathon, Burkett and RAD Industries are releasing content daily, most days even twice a day. His Supra Marathon started with Episode 9 of Off Season Refresh, when he realized his fans were getting content on Instagram before they saw the YouTube content due to the time lag, so he wanted to eliminate the lag time gap for his fans by pushing steady content. Burkett's main goal is getting his Toyota Supra drift car running and ready in time for the first event in the Formula Drift 2018 season, Long Beach.

Through the last few episodes, Burkett has put in a lot of time to get ready for the race including getting his new RAYS wheels, getting fitted for his race suit at Sparco USA, fitting body panels, and attempting the race engines first startup. You get to see the behind the scenes issues such as the engine not going so well as well as a change to Burkett's race car due to new 2018 Formula Drift rules

Check out Dan Burkett and RAD Industries newest episode of Off Season Refresh below and check out all the episodes in his Supra Marathon.