What It Takes to Ship Supercars Around the Country

Cannonball Run record holder Ed Bolian talks about some of the crazy things he’s dealt with when shipping cars across the country.

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YouTube channel VINwiki has been sharing car stories in video format in its series aptly named Car Stories. We have shared a few of VINwiki's stories where you can learn about what it takes to become a Lamborghini racing driver to a story about the top 10 supercar track rental fails. For VINwiki's recent Car Stories feature VINwiki founder Ed Bolian talks about some of the craziness he has had to deal with when shipping supercars across the country. 

Bolian has worked at exotic car dealerships in the past and is known for getting cars across the country fast due to being the record holder of the coast to coast Cannonball record. 

Check out VINwiki's video below.

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