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Tesla Faces Another Lawsuit Claiming False Advertising in Norway

The electric carmaker's popularity in the the Scandinavian country doesn't mean it's immune to claims filed on behalf of customers.

Teslas and other electric cars are exceedingly popular in Norway, leading to an interesting exchange between the country’s prime minister and U.S. President Trump. 

But it’s not always smooth sailing between Tesla and its Scandinavian customers, another group of whom are reportedly suing the electric vehicle maker for allegedly making phony marketing claims about the Model S P85Ds.

The latest suit is a repeat of sorts, as Tesla in December 2016 settled with another Model S P85D owners in Norway, who also accused Tesla of overhyping the vehicle’s horsepower in advertising.

In the prior legal action, Tesla offered over 100 owners about $8,600 each, or other compensation such as auto upgrades. The latest suit involving 49 Norwegian Tesla owners who also want to be paid for the false advertising.

Tesla, which no longer offers the Model S P85D in Norway, defended its numbers as accurate, or even understated, in a statement responding to the earlier complaint according to reports.

A total of 1,201 Model S P85Ds were reportedly sold in Norway, meaning that the lawsuits filed so far cover only 15 to 20 percent of Tesla Model S P85D owners in the country.

Tesla sales hit 8,465 in 2017 in Norway, according to one report.