There’s a Tesla Model S Limo for Sale on eBay

This stretched electric people hauler is almost twice the car.

byRob Stumpf|
Electric Vehicles photo

If you're trying to make your next wedding really environmentally friendly, and have no problem turning a wrench to finish a project, we've got quite the deal for you. On eBay, a Tesla Model S project has been spotted, but with a twist. This particular car has begun to make a new life not as a luxury electric sedan, but as a luxury electric limousine.

The Tesla's last bid is for $40,100 at the time of writing, via eBay

This 2015 Tesla Model S 85 was listed on eBay by Costa Mesa, California-based limousine manufacturer, Big Limos. With only 150 miles on the clock, the car hasn't even driven enough to discharge a battery completely, making it one of the lowest mileage "used" Teslas we've seen up for sale. Big Limos even claims it to be the "first Tesla Model S 85 Limo."

Unfortunately, the buyer still has a little bit of work to do before the car is complete. The auction states that the Tesla conversion is the outcome of a "successful advertising project" and is about 90% finished, but doesn't go into detail about what is left to complete the conversion. Stretching the car would mean re-fitting the battery pack once the vehicle is elongated. It isn't apparent if the OEM battery pack was refit, or if a new, larger battery pack would be used. Big Limos does offer to finish the car for an additional fee.

With the conversion comes extra weight. We're not sure how much extra weight was added to the car, but it is important to note that with added pounds comes decreased range. Tesla worked very hard to scale down the weight of the Model S, even manufacturing the chassis out of aluminum to make the 5,000 pound monster weigh just a little less. Some other company-built cars might have added weight, but also added fuel efficiency.

According to Big Limo's Facebook, the prototype has been for sale since March of this year, but has just recently gone up for auction on eBay. The company also prides itself in being one of the very few unauthorized modification suppliers in the United States. Meaning, though not backed by Tesla in any way, the company works with a variety of suppliers to provide refurbished OEM and aftermarket parts to modify a Tesla. We're not sure how big of a market there is for these kinds of builds just yet (we prefer the kind built to move a bit quicker), but it sure is a unique conversion.