Watch This Tesla-Powered Sand Truck’s Acceleration

Have you ever seen a rocket with wheels?

Say what you want, but electric vehicle conversions are super cool. Sure, ripping out the heart and soul of something that once made a monstrous roar is disheartening, but what you leave in its wake can be equally satisfying, so as long as you’re open-minded. 

Recently, the internet has started to notice an awfully quiet sand truck ripping up the dunes. In case you’re wondering just why it’s so quiet, you’ll have to look at the power plant that sits inside the custom-built buggy. The owner utilized a refurbished 1400 amp performance motor from a rear wheel drive Tesla Model S. This motor comes equipped in vehicles with Tesla’s infamous ludicrous mode, but instead of using an 85 kWh battery, this truck saves weight by using a 22 kWh pack.

Together, the units deliver around 25 to 30 miles on the dunes, or 20 to 26 runs on a drag strip, while producing around 640 horsepower. All of this in a package weighing only 2,600 pounds, or half the weight of a Model S, makes it needless to say that this truck is rightfully quick.

Watching the truck fight for traction and squatting under heavy acceleration is a sight to see. While some trucks do wheel stands in the sand, the Tesla-equipped nightmare sprints ahead of its foes at incredible speed.

A camera on the rear shows another view of just how the truck gets down. The owner uses the post to detail just how the charging setup on the truck works as well, noting that it takes around 90 minutes for two on-board Honda generators to fully charge the 22 kWh battery. Semantics aside, riding in the truck looks like a world of fun. The driver’s grip on the wheel and the passenger’s sheer child-like excitement show just how much of a roller coaster the truck can be.

This truck is a bit different than converting a classic Porsche, but the point remains the same: taking something and making it fun by electrifying it. No matter whether we love electric cars or hate them, the technology is creating a whole new subculture of enthusiasts and technologists set out to make cars even more fun.