Dealership Gives Beaten-Up $800 Dodge Neon the Full Supercar Photo Shoot Treatment

And it can be yours for $9.52 per month.

Most dealers selling a dented, faded, and probably rusted $800 Dodge Neon are content with a blurry smartphone photo for their ad listing. For $800, you know you’re not going to get a lot of car, so you don’t expect a concours-level photoshoot for your next beater. 

However, Tim Dahle Nissan Southtowne of Utah decided that even a car that will never be appreciated for how it looks, drives, or runs, deserved the same amount of effort put into its photos as their inventory of new cars, and dragged this haggard old Dodge Neon into their studio for some proper photos.

Externally, the car is in the shape one would expect from any 21-year-old commuter car with a three-digit pricetag: Faded paint, dented body panels, oxidized headlights, and a coat of thick dirt. Inside, the car appears to have lived a life of road trips with children, sporting stained (and slightly worn) seats, a dash that isn’t so much cracked as as crumbled, a missing driver’s side window crank, and on the same door, a large stain of unknown origin. Probably coffee; possibly boogers.

With only 128,162 miles on it, though, this Neon isn’t exactly a high-mileage car for its age. Seeing as the Neon was among Chrysler’s best economy cars ever and made during the high the company achieved in the 90s, this car may be a solid deal for whichever Utah resident finds they need a budget commuter.

Comically, the dealership offers 0 percent financing for 84 months on this car. At $9.52 per month, we’re not sure there’s a cheaper deal on the market. There are also probably no cars with such a discomforting ratio of remaining miles in the head gasket to remaining months on the payment. Never mind the potential booger stains by the driver’s left elbow, wheels don’t get cheaper than this.