New Pennzoil Ad Shows the Dodge Demon Drifting Through the Streets of Pittsburgh

Rhys Millen takes the wheel to show off the Demon’s slideways prowess.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
New Pennzoil Ad Shows the Dodge Demon Drifting Through the Streets of Pittsburgh

The 800-plus horsepower nightmare of a muscle car officially known as the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon may be made for the drag strip, but as it turns out, this supercharged sinner makes for one hell of a drift machine. It shouldn't be all that surprising; sure, it's tuned for straight-line fun, but at the end of the day, we are talking about a rear-wheel-drive car with a mighty big, mighty powerful engine mounted in its snout. You can't fight physics; put down more power than the tires can handle in a turn, and that tail will want to step out. 

But as the saying goes, when you want something done right, call a professional. So when Pennzoil wanted to take the Dodge Demon drifting through the streets of Pittsburgh for a Hollywood-style YouTube spot, they called none other than drift impresario Rhys Millen

Granted, the video—entitled "Exorcising the Demon," in a clear tie-in to the oil company's previous Dodge-centric video starring the one of the final Vipers—borders on hokey for brief spurts here and there, especially at the end. But the meat of it is nothing short of spectacular: Two-plus minutes of a black-and-yellow Demon (see what they did there?) popping wheelies, burning rubber, laying down massive powerslides, and even cooking off a nasty 360º spin that was either one hell of a recovery or an even crazier planned stunt.  

Pennzoil also released a little behind-the-scenes featurette offering a glimpse into the making of the "Exorcising the Demon" short, which is worth a watch if you happen to have an extra two minutes and 50 seconds lying around. (And if you don't think you do...well, you should probably make the time, because it's totally worth it. Trust us.)