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14 Ford Edge SUVs Stolen From Factory Lot in Most Boring Car Heist Ever

The Ford Edge is as exciting as buttered toast, but 14 of them still totaled $630,000.

Hatching a plan to steal 14 Ford Edge crossovers is like breaking into a jewelry store at night and making off with a bag full of digital Casios. That’s what happened at Ford’s Oakville assembly plant in Ontario, Canada a couple weeks ago, when thieves busted in and stole a bunch of Ford Edges, the least interesting SUV with a Blue Oval badge since we lost the EcoSport.

In the middle of the night on January 8, thieves cut a hole in the fence at Ford’s Oakville facility to access the cars, as Ford Authority reported. It’s unclear how they managed to get into and start the cars, how they drove off with them, and why they didn’t take the more valuable Lincoln Nautiluses also built there. I’m assuming the hole in the fence was large enough to drive the SUVs through, but the Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) didn’t specify. Five people have since been arrested and 12 of the stolen cars were recovered.


However, it seems that the people who were arrested might not have been those who broke in, as all of the charges are for possession of stolen property, possession of illegal firearms, and drug possession, but notably not for breaking into Ford’s plant. The intruders may still be on the loose, but the investigation is still ongoing.

As boring as the Ford Edge is, 14 of them totaled around $630,000, according to the HRPS, so it could’ve been a pretty hefty haul if the thieves sold them all.

Unfortunately for Ford, this is far from the first time its vehicles have been stolen from assembly plant lots. There was a million-dollar F-150 theft ring last year, which saw trucks jacked from several of Ford’s Detroit holding lots. And in 2022, a bunch of Shelby Mustangs and Ford Raptors were taken from different Michigan factories. I’m sure factory thefts happen but c’mon, Ford, at least three mass factory thefts in less than three years? Lock your stuff up, guys.

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