Massive Fire Destroys Nissan GT-R Tuner RB Motorsport’s Workshop

Pictures show at least seven destroyed Nissan GT-Rs and a Ford Escort Cosworth.

byMax Goldberg|
Nissan News photo

From the looks of their Facebook page, RB Motorsports has fallen on some hard times. According to reports, the U.K.-based Japanese tuning shop caught fire this past Friday, critically damaging their warehouse and destroying a large number of Nissan GT-Rs in the process. 

Facebook pictures from RB Motorsports and Lancaster Fire and Rescue Service show everything from an R32 GT-R to a brand new R35 GT-R burned to a crisp, and strangely enough a Ford Escort Cosworth as well. The images also show extensive damage to tools, lifts, and the entire structure of the building. It is unclear what type of insurance policies were taken out, but we hope RB Motorsports and the GT-R owners aren't left in dire straights.

RB Motorsports informed customers that they intend on eventually getting back to normal operations, but there's no word on a time frame in which that could happen. This is definitely an unfortunate incident for the Japanese tuner community as Nissan R32 GT-Rs don't exactly grow on trees.

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