Bulgaria Has Built the Best Toyota Hilux Ever

European nutters build an AMG 6X6 competitor. And it works.

Have you been feeling as though your Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6 is both too common and too pretentious? After all, it is a production vehicle, more or less, with 100 built. At the same time the base price was around $500,000, and now that the last ones have been sold, asking prices are heading towards $1 million.

The Toyota Hilux is a different story. Forever enshrined by Top Gear as the finest working truck in the world, it’s universally recognized and accepted, as well as being repairable in any gasoline alley anywhere in the world with the spare parts they already hanging around.


Answering the first need with the second truck, Bulgarian tuners and 4X4 builders Vromos have put the two together, creating the machine they call Mjolnir.


Mjolnir is based on a 2014 HiLux and built for offroading, with 35-inch beadlocks; front and dual rear ARB air lockers; and three solid axles. Build photos indicate a three or four foot stretch in the rear wheel wells and testing videos show a seriously well developed rig at home on trails and street. The interior by Overdrive is 90-percent leather and Alcantara, and looks truly world-class, as well as far more tasteful than the G63.


I can’t imagine a relatively small company like Vromos putting Mjolnir into production, but they would certainly build another if you asked, which you should probably do right now.

Check the making-of footage here: