The Hottest Summer Riding Gear Deals at RevZilla

Don’t sweat it, RevZilla’s summer sale has you covered.
RevZilla Summer Deals
Robert Bacon

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This is one of the most extensive motorcycle gear deals posts I’ve ever made. Why have I done this? Because we’re on the cusp of summer, which is the time we two-wheeled gearheads look forward more than anything. But to make the most of the warm weather, we need to have the right gear. It keeps us fresher, riding for longer, and more comfortable. Trust me, I spend my weekends riding around the mountains in Mexico, and wouldn’t last 30 minutes without my summer gear.

If I were to kit myself out for the summer with today’s deals, I’d opt for the HJC RPHA 11 Pro Joker Helmet, Reax Alta Mesh Jacket, Reax Alta Mesh Pants, Reax Superfly Mesh, and Oxford Kickback Air Boots. That’d keep $365 in my back pocket. But that’s just me, so you do you and see if you can make a better selection from the gear below.


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