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Up Your Overlanding Game With These Portable Generator Deals

Don't have an EV to power your on-the-go adventure? Check out these great deals on portable power instead.
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One thing I love about new EVs is the ability to use the built-in high-voltage battery to supply power to random 110-volt accessories on the go. This function, called vehicle-to-load, can be quite useful in emergency situations but is also pretty useful for fun or work as well.

But for those of us who still have gas-powered cars, however, the luxury of having a rolling battery pack on wheels doesn’t exist. Thankfully, some other companies have stepped in and made high-capacity power banks to still allow us to use electrical gadgets without a dedicated power outlet, or using the vehicle as a generator with the engine running.

So, overlanders, here is your calling. It’s time to run to Amazon and pick up some of these amazing deals on portable power banks and solar generators.

Power Banks (Standalone)

Power Banks With Solar Generators

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