Milwaukee Grows the M12 Line With a New Bandfile

Cordless tools are really giving pneumatics something to worry about.
Milwaukee M12 Bandfile

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I might not be a full-fledged member of Team Red, but my M12 right-angle die grinder and heated jacket have made me a believer. As such, I’m always a little pumped when I hear about new tools joining Milwaukee’s M12 lineup, with the newest being the M12 bandfile. That’s right, the company’s killing the need to convert your M12 cut-off tool.  

What makes the M12 line so great is its maneuverability. It’s a line of compact cordless power tools that makes it easy to get into tight spaces and get the job done. Seeing as die grinders and now the M12 Bandfile are part of the line, it’s the first cordless line that gives pneumatic tools outside of just impact wrenches something to fear. 

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Milwaukee M12 Bandfile

There’s more to like about this bandfile than just a battery, though. Milwaukee advertises this tool as able to deliver the fastest spot weld removal thanks to its Powerstate brushless motor delivering max speeds of 3,600 SFM. It’s also working with a two-speed motor, a variable speed trigger, two directions of travel, and 360-degree arm rotation. It’s everything you’d expect from a good pneumatic bandfile, only without air hoses to tangle yourself up in. 

As for how far it will take you, Milwaukee says it can remove up to 50 spot welds on a single charge of the M12™ Redlithium™ XC4.0 Battery. If you invest in a few, you will be able to work indefinitely thanks to the fast charge time of these batteries. Speaking of investment, Milwaukee is set to start shipping M12 bandfiles to dealers in late January of 2023 in lengths of 13 and 18 inches, with some retailers suggesting prices of around $250 for the bare tool. 

What are your thoughts on this bandfile? Will it lure you to build an ecosystem of M12 tools in your garage? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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