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Get Amazing Deals on Garmin Watches This Memorial Day

Keep that watch on, even when wrenching.

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Few watches can keep up with us at The Drive. We get our hands greasy, dirty, and have a habit of acquiring cuts, bruises, and scars. As such, your Rolexs, Tag-Heurs, and IWCs tend to not be what we go for. We’re also not rolling in dough. But one make can absolutely keep up with us, and that’s Garmin.

Garmin’s watches are brilliantly designed things and can take an absolute beating—just ask our resident Garmin man, Hank O’Hop. But even these can be expensive, which is why whenever we see some good deals, we jump on them. And this memorial day, Amazon has a bunch on sale. So get you one that’ll stay on your wrist even when you’re elbow-deep in a car’s engine bay.