The Twofer: Wasatch Survival Hiking Shoelaces and 1958 Daimler Reconnaissance Tank

A diesel British military tank to get you into trouble (and a pair of shoelaces that could actually get you out).

byMax Prince|
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The latest in our recurring series where odd couples become dream teams.

You are lost. And not in the grasping, woebegone, Kierkegaardian sense—like, actually, physically lost. No map, no cell signal, no sign of humanity, and it’s getting dark. And cold. No worries, these shoelaces from Wasatch Outdoors will save your hide.

Each is made from 550 paracord with a removable anglet end; hidden inside is a four-inch strand of tinder and an inch-long rod of ferrocerium, a little 3,000°F flint fire-starter. If you’re into hiking, climbing and exploration, these survival laces are stellar insurance at $15.

Of course, the ultimate survival tool has four wheels. Take, for example, this 1958 Daimler Ferret reconnaissance tank. It’s an ex-British Military rig, built on a welded steel chassis with the drivetrain sealed inside the monocoque for optimal protection. The heart is an enormous six-cylinder Rolls-Royce engine, good for 130 horsepower. Four-wheel drive. Ten-speed gearbox. Certifiably hoss. Best of all, the thing is road-legal. Just as good for getting into trouble as getting out of it.


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