Plan Your Next 700-Mile Road Trip With the Chevy Cruze Diesel

GM managed to eke some serious range out of the little car—now see how far you could go.

byKyle Cheromcha|
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It's almost road trip season, folks, and that means gas prices are going to rise. AAA projects the average price of a gallon to go up by as much as 40 cents by midsummer, and that's on top of a 25-cent increase from the average price last year. We may not hit $3 this year, but it's going to a bit of an adjustment for some people, especially those looking for a drive-able weekend destination. That is, except for owners of the new 2017 Chevy Cruze Diesel. To promote its estimated 700-mile range, Chevrolet has teamed up with the site Roadtrippers to show you all the possible regional sites you can hit on a single tank.

You can only reach those impressive numbers with the manual transmission, but it's still quite a feat for GM to get over 50 mpg on the highway out of the diesel Cruze. With VW moving about as fast as it can away from the suddenly-controversial fuel and stateside customers looking for a new standard-bearer, there's a lot at stake should GM be able to convince people to give diesel another chance. Later this year it will launch compression ignition-engined versions of its Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain, so it's clear promoting the Cruze's long-range abilities is all part of a strategy to re-frame diesel in our minds.

Roadtrippers is a site that helps you plan the ultimate road trip—you can enter a destination and it will show you all the interesting things to see, do, and eat along the way, along with giving you all the relevant directions and statistics related to the journey. When you load it up, you'll see a Chevy Cruze on your location and a yellow circle showing you how far you could go and all the possible sites you could check out. 

It sounds a little gimmicky, but it's actually pretty crazy to realize that I could get almost all the way to Chicago from my apartment in Brooklyn on a single tank. Last year, I drove from New York to Georgia in a 2016 Toyota 4Runner, and we barely made it to Maryland before having to stop for gas. The Cruze could have almost made it halfway across South Carolina before running out. Not bad, not bad at all.

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