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Holden Commodore Supporting Equality Makes Formula One Australia Debut

Among a political firestorm, one racing team steps out to promote equality among fans.

Equality rights has been a long standing issue in may countries all over the world. While more controversy spills all over the land, one racing team competing in the Australian Formula One Grand Prix believes that they should show support. And just how did they do this? With a bright rainbow paint job and the words “Supporting equality” on the side of their Holden race car.

Brad Jones Racing team approached Holden with the “Supporting Equality” theme for driver Nick Percat’s car, and they were reportedly more than happy to join in. In fact, this is not the first time in the past month that Holden has taken a stand. Earlier in March, the company partnered with the local Mardi Gras festivities to promote the same gesture. Additionally, their corporate website touts their stance on promoting equality in their workplace.

The unmissable rainbow colours on the #8 Holden Commodore is all about supporting equality of people, no matter their race, gender or sexual preference

BJR Press Statement

The fact that this event is international is very important to Brand Jones, team owner. This shows to not only Australia that the team wishes to promote equality and acceptance, but also the world. I think we can agree that proper motorsports deserve a great fan base, as well as more fans in general. Sharing the sport with others is an important part of enjoying it.

Holden and BJR both hope that this will promote the sport to all audience and bring a welcoming atmosphere to its fans.