Watch Chris Forsberg Drift An Entire Mountain In A Single Take

Chris Forsberg’s ‘Fresh Tracks’ mountain drift is like Ken Block’s Gymkhana without do-overs.

byDanny Choy|
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Ken Block's Gymkhana videos are great and all, but one look at the tire marks all over the closed streets and you'll know the highly manufactured viral video required many takes and a lot of cutting and splicing to achieve its final production.

However, what if you took all the planning and orchestration away – what if someone made a drift video in one take, without any do-overs? That's exactly what pro-drifter Chris Forsberg did in his Formula D-spec Nissan 370Z at California's windy Onion Valley.

One mountain. No practice. No do-overs. Check out YouTube Channel Network A's new series "Fresh Tracks" below:

Even if Forsberg did a scouting run beforehand, it's difficult to believe he remained that committed through the entire valley without practice, especially with all the breaks on the road as well as the ominous cliffs that await should the 370Z crash through a guardrail. But the single pair of tire marks don't lie, and while there aren't any stuntmen in gorilla suits or a formation of forklifts to do some donuts around, it's so nice to just see high-level drifting in a vast, mountainous backdrop.

Be sure to also check out the Behind the Scenes video, which not only share a bit of insight regarding what it took to prepare for a fresh mountain run, but also why Ryan Tuerck, who was supposed to be the man to shred this mountain, had to get replaced:

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