Please, Look at Famous Falconer Mark Webber

Mark, meet hawk. Hawk, Mark.

byBen Keeshin|
People photo

Mark Webber is a highly successful ex-Formula 1 driver who now races LMP1 race cars for Porsche. Glimpse him above, photographed at the 2003 Bahrain Grand Prix. On his left wrist, atop a falconry glove, is a hawk. Webber is a famously sturdy athlete, once undertaking a race with a fractured rib. The hawk is celebrated for its incredibly precise vision, due to the 1,000,000 photoreceptors in each square millimeter of its eyes. For dinner, Webber likely enjoys a classic Australian meat pie; the hawk, presumably, enjoys any number of rodents and lesser fowl.

Typically, female hawks are larger than male hawks. Mark Webber, at six feet tall, is taller than his longtime partner, a female named Ann Neal.