Ford, Conan O'Brien Give an F-150 to New England Patriots Player James White

Tom Brady felt New England Patriots running back James White deserved the MVP award—and so did Ford. 

Team CoCo/Youtube

Last Sunday, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons in one of the greatest comebacks in football history. Although he did not win the MVP ball, Patriots running back James White was an absolute force of nature, with 14 receptions and 20 points.

Patriots quarterback and Captain, Tom Brady publicly stated James White should have won the MVP award—and apparently Ford agreed. While making an appearance on the Conan O’Brian Show, James White was given a brand new Ford F-150 Limited (starting at more than $63,000) for his efforts on Sunday.

The big smile on his face made it clear that White was happy about his newly acquired truck, but we can’t help but wonder if he was thinking, “Great, they gave me a white truck because of my name…real original.”

If anyone is on the production side of TV reading this, can you please tell us how long it will take for White to actually take ownership of the truck?