2018 Volvo V90 Pricing Announced

Now we know how much we’ll have to cough up for our custom-ordered Swedish wagon.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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Volvo has been on a hot streak since the announcement of their newest 90 Series of vehicles. The XC90, S90, and V90 are set to bring back the company's name to conversations regarding the best in the industry, and if you could judge that solely off of design and technology, they'd be an easy favorite. With innovative accessibility features and interior amenities, they've skyrocketed to the top of the list for many critics and journalists. Volvo recently announced the starting price for their stunning V90 wagon which will begin at $50,945.

This puts it a competitive price point for its segment. In fact, that's almost $9,000 lower than Mercedes-Benz' E-Class Wagon, and in my opinion, it's much better looking. As far as the American market goes, the Volvo V90 simply doesn't have much competition. BMW isn't bringing their 5-Series Touring to our shores and the 3-Series Wagon doesn't really fit in with the Merc or Swede, making it a two horse race.

Aside from competition, it's a respectable price point for the amount of car you're getting. The Volvo's exterior, like we mentioned before, is second to none. That trait continues on to the cabin as it displays some of the highest quality materials for a sub-$100,000 unit. Tasteful touches are splashed throughout, making the V90's cockpit more usable and interactive than that of years past. And as in many other cases, options make the car everything it can be, adding in a top of the line Bower and Wilkins sound system and semi-autonomous capabilities.

The V90 will offer plenty of trim options to satisfy your thirst for luxury or the lack thereof. The fancily named Inscription trim starts at $52,945, giving you upgraded interior touches like wood inlays and bright decor side windows. Bumping up from there, the R-Design V90 begins pricing at $56,945. This includes a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, LED headlights, Sensus navigation, smartphone integration, and a panoramic moonroof. It plays host to sport-themed accents throughout, showing the performance of the V90, at least on the surface.

That spirit does continue underneath the skin, too. The T5 option packs a potent punch with a 250 HP turbo I4, adding some pep to the V90's step; however, if you're looking for speed, the T6 is the one you want. This includes the twincharged, meaning turbocharged and super charged, four cylinder that produces 316 HP which is then put down by a clever AWD system. You can have each of these engines in either the Inscription or R-Design, to boot. Opting for the T6 raises the R-Design's price to $56,945 and the Inscription's cost to $58,945.

The V90 will only be available via custom order. All U.S. purchases will be shipped in from overseas, adding a bit of a wait to total delivery time. Expect to see them in showrooms sometime during the summer of 2017.

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