Volvo Introduces Skype to 90 Series Models

Yet another stellar functionality is added to the stylish batch of Swedes.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Volvo Introduces Skype to 90 Series Models


Volvo recently announced the integration of Skype capabilities to its 90 Series lineup. With this new tech, owners will be able to carry on conference calls and stay in touch with business without being distracted on the road. In an aim towards becoming the ultimate businessman's choice, the manufacturer keeps it up with more innovative, usable features.

By adding this new function, Volvo allows customers a more seamless integration of business and luxury. Volvo's Consumer Connectivity Services VP Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz notes “We’ve all been there. sitting in the car trying to join a conference call. You either fumble with or drop your phone while trying to connect or you forget the long pin code to join ... with the addition of Skype for business that all goes away." Instead of the focus being on video calls, it will instead present drivers with their list of upcoming business meetings. This allows them to join in without taking their focus off the road, keeping safety at the top of the list.

In addition to Skype, Volvo wants to bring Microsoft's Cortana voice-activated assistant to their vehicles. This stems from the two companies' recent partnership that continues on their vision of higher class interior efficiency. When this feature is put into place, it will add to the already available Microsoft gadgets that allow you to lock your Volvo's doors and even set the navigation from your Band 2 wristband. This would help envelope drivers in a more connected world, and with the eventual addition of V2V communication, the experience will be carried even further. 

This technology will become available on each of the top-tier Volvo 90s, including the stylish S90 sedan, V90 wagon, and executive XC90 SUV. Each of these are already top hitters in their class, and this exclusive equipment should boost the subtle comforts even further. With the combined forces of Volvo and Microsoft, we could see even more features like this being brought to life pretty soon.