The Diesel Brothers Are Having Way Too Much Fun with Their Lifted Polaris RZR

And the RZR community is divided.

byEvan Yates|
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One of the fastest growing segments in the off-road world is the ever-capable UTVs aka Side-By-Sides. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Diesel Brothers got their hands on one, subsequently dividing the RZR community with their wild build. If you’re not familiar with the Heavy D and the gang, they have a TV show where they build insane, diesel-based vehicles and usually give them away to customers of their website, DieselSellerz.

Fast and low. Big and slow.,

I imagine this build is part of an official partnership between Polaris and the Diesel Brothers and as a lover of anything that goes off-road, I think it’s great. These guys take every build to the limit and seem to not cut too many corners. 

The #FAILOFTHEYEAR tag of this build is geared towards the Polaris faithful that don’t believe this is the best use of an RZR. This type of discourse reminds me of all the annoying automotive purists out there who want to keep everything stock and preserve every vehicle out there. However, seeing that Polaris is selling the crap out of these RZRs, there really is no reason to get in your feelings about ONE being transformed into a monster truck.

From the videos, it’s clear the Diesel Brothers did everything necessary to tackle the most difficult trails and obstacles.

I imagine when the second season of their show comes back in January 2017 there will be at least a couple episodes dedicated to this beast. Looking forward to it!