Gran Turismo Sport Adds Monza, 10 New Cars, and Fresh Offline Events

The Toyota Supra, McLaren F1, and Dodge Viper GTS are all featured in this month’s free GT Sport update.

byChris Tsui|
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January's free content update for Gran Turismo Sport is now live. Along with an all-star cast of new cars (which we'll get to in a minute), this month's download consists of the game's first post-release track addition, Italy's famous Autodromo Nazionale Monza, to go with several new variations on the game's Autodrome Lago Maggiore fantasy circuit and a handful of fresh singleplayer campaign events. 

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In terms of newly added virtual machinery, it looks like we can pat ourselves on the back for correctly identifying 9.5 out of the 10 cars previously teased by series creator Kazunori Yamauchi. What we thought was a Ford GT40 from the '60s turned out to be its 2006 GT descendant. Whoops.

Without further ado, here's the complete list of new autos now available in GT Sport. Spoiler alert: they're all heavy hitters we wouldn't kick out of our garage, virtual or IRL. 

  • Dodge Viper GTS
  • Ferrari 512 BB
  • Ferrari 330 P4
  • Ford GT
  • Jaguar XJ13
  • Lamborghini Diablo GT
  • McLaren F1
  • Toyota 2000GT
  • Toyota FT-1
  • Toyota Supra RZ

The update also comes with a sprinkling of new singleplayer events for those that prefer to keep their virtual track heroics offline. These include a one-make "F-150 Raptor Survival" showdown, the Japanese-only "J-Sport Meeting," the Ferrari-centric "Festa Cavallino," and the not-so-creatively named "Gr.3 Endurance Series" which aims to familiarize players with Monza over 30 continuous laps.

Gran Turismo Sport and its latest free update are available now on PlayStation 4.

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