Bite the Bullet and Buy This Volkswagen Touareg With 456,000 Miles

The V-10 TDI just keeps going and going and going…

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Jan 2, 2018 4:07 PM
Bite the Bullet and Buy This Volkswagen Touareg With 456,000 Miles

Have you always wanted a Volkswagen Touareg? Maybe not. Should that stop you from buying this one that popped up for sale with nearly half-a-million miles? Hell no.  If quirk is the name of your game, then this Porsche Cayenne sibling could be the choice for you. 

While that may sound like a wonky VW ad that never made it past the cutting room floor, it's only right that you give this brutish V-10 example a bit of attention. After all, the past owners must have loved it to drive over 734,000 kilometers since 2006. 

When it was introduced, the Touareg was massively expensive—nearly $70,000 in the mid-2000s. That same gluttonous price category continued to the model's eventual death in 2018, though it did go down a bit in comparison to its original form.  That being said, if any Touareg could earn that sky-high asking price, it'd be this one.

Equipped with the Volkswagen Group's burly ten-cylinder turbodiesel, it could even out-torque some of the most capable American heavy-duty trucks of the time. It was then loaded down with the most luxurious specs VW had to offer, putting the Touareg at the same crossroads as the equally-beloved/hated Phaeton. Upper-level amenities from a seemingly lower-quality brand never sat well with the public, and as a result, the Touareg suffered a life-long identity crisis.

However, that shouldn't be held against this gem. If you could find a way to relocate it from The Netherlands, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more unique toy hauler on the road. Current conversion rates put this Touareg at a selling price of $9,400 or €7,800. It's hard to tell if that price is justifiable in comparison to the rest of the market, but if this thing has anything left to prove, it'll be taking answers at the door outside the 400,000-mile+ club. 

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