Volkswagen Soon Slated to Build Its Six Millionth Car of 2017

Dieselgate couldn’t stop the German automaker from its biggest production year ever.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Volkswagen News photo

Volkswagen's fate waivered after being majorly penalized by the United States federal government this past year. Findings of diesel emission cheats drove the company's social status into the dirt, and with brand executives being locked up seemingly every other week, it would appear as if the German automaker would struggle to come out ahead. However, just two years after investigations began, VW has reported its largest manufacturing numbers yet.

According to a statement from Thomas Ulbrich, Volkswagen’s head of production and logistics, the marque is expected to end 2017 by surpassing six million vehicles built. This is more than ever before in the company's history, proving well for the auto giant amidst continuous woes caused by the Dieselgate scandal.

“More than six million vehicles produced in 12 months—there is one thing that this shows above all: our plants and employees are continually improving their production competence," Ulbrich said. "We have top teams in production which successfully master growing demand from customers."

VW's most popular models, the Jetta, Golf, and Passat, helped it to break this milestone over the last calendar year. 108,575 Jettas were sold in the United States alone in 2017 as well as 64,449 Golfs, complimenting a respective 57,707 Passats moved. 

Introductions of new models including the Atlas, Arteon, and T-Roc helped bolster production numbers both domestically and internationally for the corporation. Anticipated expansion tells that these figures could continue to rise, especially given the influx of SUV/crossover purchases in America and beyond.

According to company officials, Volkswagen has built over 150 million cars in its 72-year tenure. It currently manufacturers models in 50 factories across 14 countries, putting it on par with Toyota as a consistent winner of world's largest automaker.

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