Volkswagen Golf Production Moves Back to Europe

The hatchback has only been produced in Puebla for three years, but Wolfsburg already wants its cars back.

byChris Constantine|
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The 7th generation Volkswagen Golf has been produced in Volkswagen de Mexico's Puebla plant since 2014, but VW's relationship with Mexico is about to change. According to Al Volante, the brand is moving all production of its flagship hatchback back to Europe, specifically to the Wolfsburg facility.

Thanks to mounting pressure from the German worker's union, Volkswagen has been forced to relocate the Golf's manufacturing plans to Europe. The union is currently fighting for higher pay for German workers. Al Volante reports that this may also to do with decreasing Golf sales in European market, as many buyers are still skeptical about the Mexico-produced Golf's product quality. 

Golf production is slated to take place solely in Europe by 2019 which coincides with VW's plans to produce the 8th generation Golf for the 2020 model year.

It's hard to say what this means for the U.S. market, as the Mk7 Golf has been generally well-received with few quality problems. The Puebla plant is the main supplier for North America, and sales this year have actually increased in the United States. 

The Volkswagen plant in Puebla also produces the Tiguan, T-roc crossover, Jetta, and soon to be axed Beetle. There's no word on whether these models will move back to Europe, but VW's iconic hatchback is headed home to Germany. 

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